Christianity Week キリスト教週間


Every year, during this single week in late May, various events such as prayers, lectures, concerts, and visitation opportunities to professors' homes, are planned mainly by students with the purpose to create an opportunity to think about Christianity from different perspectives.

C-Week facebook page by students:


C-Week 2019 will be held from May 20 (Mon.) to 25 (Sat.).

2017年 テーマ   橋渡し ― Bridging the Gap

How many encounters does one have in a lifetime?  And what makes you so impressed?  A great movie, interesting thoughts, faith...  These things individually do not seem to be related to each other. However, we create a bridge as we live and encounter.  Each person's bridge varies in color, shape, and materials.  Through c-week, why don't we take a look at not only your own bridge, but also others?