ICU教会 聖歌隊

ICU Church Choir


We wish to serve God with music; one of the most wonderful gifts among the numerous gifts that God has given to us. Our activities are supported by prayer, which enable us to use our gifts sincerely, and to make them shine in front of God.

ICU 宗教音楽センター

ICU Sacred Music Center


Established in 1977, the Sacred Music Center (SMC) took over the responsibilities of the Organ Committee that had managed and administered the Rieger Organ since its installation in the University Chapel in 1970.


ICU Service. Co. Ltd.


株式会社ICUサービスは、学校法人国際基督教大学の100%出資会社です。 緑に囲まれた思い出深いキャンパスで、お二人らしいご結婚式、ご披露宴をお手伝いいたします。

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C-Week Committee (Students)



Worship Night (Students)

Worship Nightは2008年にICUのクリスチャンの学生たちによって始まった集まりです。週に1度集まって、学生のメッセージや証を聞いたり、賛美をしたりしています。