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ICU祭開催時の礼拝参加について For Attending Sunday Service during the ICU Festival











This year's ICU Festival will be held on Sunday, October 9 and Monday, October 10, with a limited number of participants. Registration checks will be conducted by the ICU Festival Committee at 2 places on campus (in front of Gym and Administration Building). If you are planning to attend the Sunday service on the 9th, please check the table below and take the appropriate action.

【Attending the Sunday Service Only】

・Pre-registration is not required.

・Please receive a sticker for worship participants at the ICU Festival reception desk on the day of the service and affix it to a visible place.

・Please leave the campus promptly after the service.

【Attending ICU Festival after the Sunday Service】

・Please register for the ICU Festival in advance.

・Please go to the ICU festival reception desk on the day of the festival, and get a registration check.

・After the service, enjoy the ICU Festival.



礼拝堂での参加:事前予約は必要ありません。 オンラインでの参加:礼拝ウェビナーリンク *週報・説教原稿の配信をご希望の方は「日曜配信」にご登録ください。 Attendance in the Chapel: Reservations are not required. Acc

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