Welcome to ICU Religious Center!

 ICU宗務部は、礼拝や親睦、奉仕活動や学びを通 して、教職員と学生の精神的・倫理的な生活を深いところで援助する役割を担っています。一年を通 じて、学生と教職員が信仰と学びを深める場や、体験学習を通して精神的に成長する機会を提供しています。

    The role of the Religious Center is to help deepen the spiritual and ethical life of the campus community through worship, fellowship, service, and study. Throughout the year it provides students, faculty, and staff with opportunities to explore the relationship between faith and learning, connecting the work of the mind with the heart and soul.

    The center hosts weekly Wednesday Chapel Hour worship services as well as special religious holiday celebrations. In May a full week of programs, including worship, special lectures, entertainment, and faculty open house are held under the title of Christianity Week.  The center also sponsors work camps and a variety of other activities and projects in Japan and other parts of Asia.