Chapel Hour    大学礼拝


The Wednesday Chapel Hour is a rare weekday opportunity for the ICU community to gather for informal Christian worship. For years, university ministers, professors, and students have given inspirational and thought provoking messages revealing particular interests and understandings of the Christian faith.

    学期中毎週水曜日 午後1時10分~1時40分 大学礼拝堂にて

              Wednesdays, 1:10 p.m. to 1:40 p.m. during the academic year.



11日 新入生歓迎大学礼拝 北中晶子牧師(大学牧師)

18日 松田浩道 氏(法学助教)

25日 中田有紀さん(インドネシア・ワークキャンプ参加者、2年生)


2日 スティーブン・ナギ氏(公共政策、国際関係、政治学、日本研究、アジア研究上級准教授)

9日 ICUグリークラブ

16日 マーク・ウィリアムズ氏(国際学術交流副学長)

22日(火)キリスト教週間特別礼拝:橋爪大三郎 氏(東京工業大学名誉教授、社会学者)

30日 シュアン・ゴーさん(大学院生)


6日 笹尾望美さん(大学院生)

13日 創立記念礼拝



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11th   New Students Welcome Service   Shoko Kitanaka (University Minister)

18th    Hiromichi Matsuda (Assistant Professor of Law)

25th    Yuki Nakata (Indonesia Work Camp Participant, 2nd year student)


2nd    Stephen Nagy (Senior Associate Professor of Public Policy,
International Relations, Politics, Asian Studies, Japan Studies)

9th    ICU Glee Club

16th    Mark Williams (Vice President of International Academic Exchange)

22 (Tue.) Christianity Week Special Chapel Hour
                                           Message by Daisaburo Hashizume
                                           (Professor Emeritus of Tokyo Institute of Technology, Sociologist)

30th    Shuan Ge (GSAS)


6th    Nozomi Sasao (Graduate student)

13th    Founder's Day

University Chapel Hour is a rare weekday opportunity for the ICU community to gather for Christian worship. At chapel hour, pastors, professors, and students give inspirational and thought provoking messages.

We hope you will be able to join us!