Sunday Mailings :: 日曜配信

December 2, 2020


お申込みは こちら


 - 日曜ごとの週報(PDFファイル)

 - 祈祷と説教(原文と訳文、PDFファイル)

 - 礼拝中継(ライヴストリーミング)のリンク 


At ICU Church, as a weekly guide to worship, "Sunday Mailings" are sent to those who have signed up. If you have any concerns about your health, we strongly recommend you to stay home. To receive the weekly "Sunday Mailings," please sign up from here.

"Sunday Mailings" include:

 - Weekly church bulletin (PDF) 

 - Pastoral prayers and Sermon (original script and translation, PDF)

 - A link to Sunday service live streaming