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MIT緊急支援募金キャンペーンのお知らせ Emergency Fundraising Campaign for MIT


<終了しました This campaign is closed.>


Founded in Yangon in 1927, Myanmar Institute of Theology (MIT) is one of the few Christian seminaries in Myanmar under the military regime. To support the needs of their online classes which have newly begun, ICU Church is running an emergency fundraising campaign as below.


Campaign Period: From January 23 (Sun.) to March 6 (Sun.)


・ゆうちょ銀行から 口座番号: 00120-2-32345/口座名義: 国際基督教大学教会

・その他の銀行から 金融機関コード 9900/当座預金 〇一九(ゼロイチキュウ)支店/口座番号 0032345

How To Donate: Please enter "MIT" in the remarks column upon transaction.

- From Japan Post Bank Account... Account Number: 00120-2-32345, A/C Name: KOKUSAI KIRISUTOKYO DAIGAKU KYOKAI

- From Other Bank Account... Bank Code 9900, "Toza-Yokin"/〇一九(ゼロイチキュウ)支店, Account Number 0032345

お気持ちのある方は、どなたでもご協力頂けます。皆さまの尊いご協力に感謝いたします。Thank you very much for your kind donation.



今年のクリスマスは、以下のように礼拝を行います。皆さんのご参加をお待ちしています! This year's Christmas services will be held as below. We hope you will be able to join us! ●大学燭火礼拝 Christmas Candlelight Service 12月15日(金)午後7時 礼拝堂及びオンライン Dece

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