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  • 国際基督教大学教会 International Christian University Church

日曜配信 Sunday Mailings



お申込みは こちら


 - 日曜ごとの週報(PDFファイル)

 - 説教原稿(原文と訳文、PDFファイル)


At ICU Church, "Sunday Mailings" are sent those who wish to receive the church bulletin and sermon script weekly by email. Registration is required only once. To receive the weekly "Sunday Mailings," please sign up from here.

"Sunday Mailings" include:

 - Weekly church bulletin (PDF) 

 - Sermon script (original and translation, PDF)


Any inquiries or request to stop receiving the weekly mailings, please send to the church office.



今年のクリスマスは、以下のように礼拝を行います。皆さんのご参加をお待ちしています! This year's Christmas services will be held as below. We hope you will be able to join us! ●大学燭火礼拝 Christmas Candlelight Service 12月15日(金)午後7時 礼拝堂及びオンライン Dece

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