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国際基督教大学(ICU)礼拝堂は、美しいキャンパスの中央にあり、教員や学生、卒業生と地域の人々の精神的基盤としての役割を果 たしてきました。

ICU Chapel is located in the center of the beautiful ICU campus. As such, it functions as the heart of the community's religious life.  Click on the items below to find out more about the Christian heartbeat at ICU.

 学生たちも、さまざまな活動に積極的に加わってリーダーシップを発揮し、活躍しています。ICUは生きた信仰共同体です。ここには人々の生ける交わりがあります。自らの 人生に豊かさと深みを加えたいと思う人は、すべてこの交わりに招かれています。
 ぜひ私たちと一緒に、このICU という歴史の挑戦と実験に加わってください。

牧師: 北中晶子、ポール・ジョンソン、魯恩碩

University Ministers perform many of the same duties of any clergy such as counseling, hospital visitation, administration, and preaching. They also direct and facilitate a variety of programs for students focusing on spiritual and moral issues.  Students help plan and lead many of these activities, including regular chapel services, special forums and lectures, small-group studies, spiritual renewal retreats, and volunteer community service projects.  With such a wide array of activities ICU is unique among Japan's Christian universities.  If you are seeking a Christian home, we hope you will find our lively faith community
to be a source of challenging opportunities and stimulating interaction.  Please consider this your invitation to participate in the religious life at ICU. 

Pastors :  Rev. Shoko Kitanaka,   Rev. Paul Johnson, Rev. Johannes Unsok Ro



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